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Thinking about doing global business? Hearing that this is great time to expand into new markets? Ready to take a leap forward with new revenue stream?

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Export Opportunity for USA Products and Services

Consumer . and wholesale demand in newly emerging economies is up, demonstrating high demand for the value, quality, and innovation for which products made or branded in the USA are so widely regarded and respected.

“200 Million ‘new’ consumers in China are willing to pay higher prices for American brands and USA-made products … they believe the quality and other features of American brands to be higher, and a better value for their money.” Steven Perl, CEO 1st PMF Bancorp and ChinaMart USA, February 2010

See Market Opportunity for further discussion and validation of opportunities for American businesses to expand by entering new markets outside the USA.

What are the Challenges?

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The difference between success and failure, between Success and Lack of Success in engaging in international business can be as stark as the difference between the words LIGHTNING and LIGHTNING BUG.

Businesses in North America see the opportunity to fulfill this growing need by expanding into international markets, but don't know how or where to begin the process. Too often business owners fear that entering markets in foreign economies is too much of a hassle. They fear the differences in culture, economic structure, and/or political behavior.

They have heard stories about misunderstandings and miscommunications, before or after a written agreement is struck. Negative stories always receive attention, while positive success stories do not find a place in the spotlight as frequently.
As a result, American businesses are often slow to move when a window of opportunity is open.

It may be that they are:

  • Afraid that differences in language is a barrier
  • Worried that exporting and importing is too complicated
  • Concerned that regulations and procedures are too difficult

How can Randal Long and SME Development Associates Help You?

Small and medium-sized U.S.A businesses always need to engage the services of professionals, agents, or companies outside their own organizations. The process can be complex and confusing. Suitable and accurate information often hard to come by. SME Development Associates helps its clients weed through the clutter to identify, organize, and implement the best solutions.

Before you take the leap into foreign markets consider how a strategic business evaluation READY²EX will make the move most profitable with less initial risk to your current business. Our Strategic Global Business Assessment and READY²EX processes result in forming and implementing the most profit-conducive entry to a new market, including best opportunity for succeeding in:

  • export selling form – direct? distributor? agent? licensee?
  • timing – preparation, launch, economic and financial conditions
  • approach – advertising, brand name promotion, prospect identification
  • method – exhibitions, trade missions, arranged one-on-one meetings
  • logistics – export, import, insurance, risk mitigation, licensing, certification
  • marketing – localization of collateral material, advertising, packaging

Why SME Development Associates?

Images FeaturedRandal Long, founder of SME Development Associates, has more than a quarter century of small business analyzing, advising, counseling, coaching and training experience. Two decades of feet-on-the-ground exposure underlies expertise in advising clients on the bottom line results of international expansion.

While export has been a primary focus, Randal includes import and USA distribution in the company’s portfolio of advisory services. Manufacturers and distributors of products made outside the USA needing assistance with cultural and business environment adaptation often seek the advice, counsel, and arranged introductions that open doors in American markets.

Randal and his associates specialize in the following rapidly emerging markets:

  • Asia, including China and Taiwan
  • Latin America - from Mexico south to Argentina, Brazil and Chile
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE – Dubai) and Saudi Arabia -- and
  • India